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PortaCabins Pakistan innovates, develops and delivers great quality modular buildings, so if you need a portable cabin or toilet or you’re sourcing new school buildings we can solve your space problems as we open up possibilities for a huge variety of organisations, large and small.

Our ever-growing product range provides solutions for building projects of all shapes and sizes.
Office Containers
Portable / Mobile Toilets
Portable / Mobile Toilets
Multi Story Container Offices
Portable Conference Rooms
Containerized Employee Workstations
Site Engineered coloney
Prefab School Extentions
Bunk Houses
Guard Rooms
Security Cabins
Prefab Labor Coloney
Hotel & Resort Extension
Storage Containers
Container Homes
Prefabricated Structures
Portable Cabins
Factory Sheds
Storage Facilities
Site offices
All Forms of Steel Structures

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping containers can be utilized for commercial, industrial, housing and institutional applications. Uses include storage space, office space, breakrooms, industrial enclosures, workforce housing, hunting cabins and more.

We repurpose used shipping containers. Many of our containers have only been used one time and are in “like new” condition.

Repurposed shipping containers are used to create commercial, industrial, and residential spaces and the demand is growing at a tremendous rate. Cafe, meeting spaces, retail stores, offices and even homes being made out of modified shipping containers. The versatility, lower cost, and safety of these containers make them perfect for a variety of projects.


A modular building is a pre-fabricated, transportable building that consists of any number of different ‘modules’ (or sections). These modules are manufactured off site in factory conditions. Once completed the modules are transported to site and fitted together to create the overall building structure.

Modular buildings can built to any design, can be single storey or multi storey structures to meet with each customers unique requirements.


Yes. Please speak to our customer service representative for more information.



We can provide you with a full, end-to-end service, from planning right through to the final installation, including the creation of any foundations and ground works.


All our buildings can be designed to suit your requirements. This means you have control over the colours of the building, locations of windows and doors, as well as the internal layout.


Modular and portable buildings/cabins are flexible in their design and can feature a wide range of facilities. This can include but not limited to the following:

Office space
Meeting rooms
Classroom space
Cellular offices
Break out rooms
Canteen space
Reception areas
Toilet facilities
Shower cubicles
Shower areas
Changing spaces
Locker rooms

Yes, absolutely.

We are committed to providing a first class after sales service to all our customers.


1. Get in touch

First, you’ll need to get in touch to discuss your requirements. Before you call, please have abswers to the following questions:

Which facilities do you need in the building?
Where will you be installing the building and how many people will use it?
When do you need the building?
What kinds of foundations and groundwork are required?
What is your budget?

2. Specification and quotation

Once we’ve discussed your requirements, you’ll receive a free, no obligation quote, including:

A layout drawing or similar details of the structure that meets the requirements we discussed
An literature or drawings to show you what the building will look like
Details about the specification of the structure
A estimated cost of the structure

3. Confirmation and site survey

If you’re happy with our proposal, we will arrange for a free site survey to assess the location and examine the access to ensure that the installation can go ahead.

As part of this survey, we will explain the installation process and answer any questions you might have.

4. Delivery and installation

Once we’ve agreed a date, you can leave the rest to us. We will:

Manage the transportation, delivery and installation
Supply all the cranes and installation equipment
Provide expert installation teams
Deliver and install your building professionally, safely, on time and to the agreed costs

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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